Darin R. Garman
Getting Rich In Real Estate Partnerships EBook


Unconventional Investing Equals Unconventional Financial Benefits...

In today’s NEW ECONOMY investors that settle for only conventional investing unfortunately are also settling for conventional returns and financial benefits which puts them further and further behind in reaching their financial goals.

In Getting Rich in Real Estate Partnerships former bank owner and Board of Director member Darin R. Garman shows investors how they can strategically use low risk real estate investments as one of the tools in their wealth building tool box that can assist them in reaching their financial goals sooner than expected and be able to do this passively.

Through his experience as a former bank owner and real estate investment manager working with hundreds of investors from across the U.S. over the last 22 years, Darin demonstrates how many investors can actively own cash flowing and appreciating investment real estate properties without being involved in the day to day management or being a landlord, thereby tapping into one of the best wealth and income investments available today.

Profitable and Passive Real Estate Ownership

The good news for investors is that one does not have to have any knowledge or experience as an investment real estate owner in order to profit from one of the best investment vehicles available today and Darin shows you how you can incorporate real estate partnerships into your investment portfolio.   Whether an investor uses their regular money or IRA/401(k) dollars it is not too late to get the kind of returns and income you want and deserve. 

In today’s NEW ECONOMY an investment that is immune to most political and global events as well as an investment that will always be in demand by the general public is giving real estate partnership investors better and more predictable returns.  Get your copy today!




  • Released : 2016-02-25
  • Publisher : Garman Publishing
Darin Garman is a former bank owner, board of director member and known as “The Paranoid Banker” because of his investing philosophy. Darin also has over 25 years in handling over half a billion dollars in investment real estate transactions, manages multiple real estate partnerships that include hundreds of investors from all over the US and outside the US. Darin Garman is currently manager of Heartland Investment Partners (HIP). Darin started Heartland Investment Partners because of continually being approached by investors asking for ways to invest, conservatively, in great investment real estate properties while being passive and not wanting to deal with any day to day property management or even deal with management companies for that matter. Heartland Investment Partners’ years of knowledge and experience provides a way for conservative investors seeking higher yields and diversification in their investment portfolios to invest right along with the Paranoid Banker in high quality real estate investment focused in Heartland of America.