Darin R. Garman
Half A Billion Sold!


How Do You Sell Over Half a Billion Dollars in Commercial Real Estate In Small Town Iowa?? 

You start by using systems.  

Join America’s top commercial real estate broker as he takes you step by step in selling hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial real estate and how you can too. In this book America's top commercial real estate broker/entrepreneur Darin Garman takes you behind the scenes of not only how to make more money as a commercial real estate broker and control a mind boggling amount of market share but also how to do it while having a life.  

Starting his career out of college as a Prison Guard (Yes a REAL Prison Guard) Darin Garman had no prior training, experience or schooling on commercial real estate properties, finance or sales but decided to pursue a desire to sell commercial real estate. So even though he had a family to support at the time married Darin decides to quit his secure job as a Prison Guard and jump into the wild world of commercial real estate sales. However, even armed with a good attitude and high hopes Darin found out how difficult the commercial real estate sales world was when after 12 months in the business he made a grand total of $6053.00. Something needed to be done.  

With his back against the wall and a family to take care of Darin decided to try a more radical and renegade approach to commercial real estate sales. Out desperation Darin started using unconventional strategies and tactics in order to attract and keep commercial real estate customers. Though his approach was much different compared to 99% of his peers Darin discovered, to his surprise, that his unconventional tactics worked.  

Fast forward to today and Darin Garman is one of the leading commercial real estate brokers in the U.S. with sales that have surpassed over half a billion dollars. Over the years Darin has been recognized by many of the nation’s commercial real estate insiders for his commercial real estate sales success and approach to doing business.   

In a rare case of a sales superstar revealing their innermost sales system secrets Darin provides over 100 easy to understand and easy to implement systems that have worked very well for him over the years and have been a large part of his success. Even just a few strategies could make a huge difference in the income and market share of not only those in commercial real estate sales but also in most kinds of selling your services environment..



  • Released : 2015-06-11
  • Publisher : Darin R. Garman
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