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Instant Property Analyzer System and Easy to Use Software



Introducing Darin Garman’s "Instant Property Analyzer" System...

Now You Can Use The Same Software That The “Paranoid Banker” Uses To Easily Analyze......       And Turn That Apartment Or Commercial Property 'Inside Out'…Separating the Apartment and Commercial Property Winners From The Losers

When it comes to analyzing apartments and commercial property it’ all about the numbers. You need to cut through everything the broker or the owner is telling you and get the REAL STORY for how well a property is going to do for you.

Again, it doesn't matter if its brick, wood, high rise, garden style, one bedroom, two bedroom, garages, new, old, etc.


One of my strong points is being able to get an accurate picture of how well a property will perform and its all due to the software that I use to give me that accurate picture. You see, not only does that software allow me to dig deep but it also leads me to questions I need to be asking BEFORE I invest in that property.

Now you can use the same software that I use, watch me as I analyze real-life properties, and get the answers you deserve --

1. How much should you pay?

2. Is the financial information you have accurate?

3. How will the property perform now AND in the next 1, 3 and 5 years?

4. Work different scenarios and 'what if's'.

Introducing My Proprietary..."Instant Property Analyzer" System

Here's What's Included:

VIDEO 1: Apartment & Commercial Real Estate Analysis System Introduction – What To Do First.

VIDEO 2: Quick Learning of Key Terms & Definitions. 

VIDEO 3: Software Overview

Including A Real-Life, Real-Time Property Analysis

VIDEO 4: Deal or Nada Deal - Property I -  "Look My Shoulder" As I Analyze A Real-Life Apartment Property I Am Looking At  Possibly Purchasing.

VIDEO 5: It is a Deal? I Buy Or Pass?  - Property II -  "Look Over My Shoulder" As I Analyze Another Real-Life Property.  I tell you if I buy it or pass on it.

Also Included:

*Garman Analyzer II Software – The same that I use.  Easy to use and a resource for every property you are looking at.

*Commercial Investment Real Estate Model For The Garman Analyzer Software

*Includes All Real-Life Example Broker Listing Sheets to Download and Print For Your Reference.

*Includes All Real-Life Examples From Analysis Software To Download and Print For Your Reference.

*Includes Written Instructions For the Garman Analyzer Software.

Now you can use the same software that I do for a minimal investment, AND LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER as I analyze Real-Life Properties in Real-Time.  You won't find this kind of in-depth analysis and examples anywhere else...guaranteed!  This kind of instruction will literally shave years of frustration in determining if a property is a "DEAL OR NADA DEAL". And think of the mistakes you will avoid having this tool to use over and over again

All you need is to have Microsoft Excel software on your computer and you're ready to get started.  It's easy to use and navigate -- no instruction manuals needed -- its that easy to use.

The "Instant Property Analyzer" System will tell you:

1. If you should pursue the property or drop it like a bad date.

2. What you can expect as a realistic return.

3. What your realistic cash flow will be.

4. If the owner or broker is padding the numbers to make it look good.

5. What price you should start negotiations at and what is the most you should pay for the property.

6. What I think the property is worth vs. what you think.

Not only are you getting the same software that I and my best clients use, but you will also learn how to judge the numbers on a property just as if you're standing next to me...looking over my shoulder and seeing with your own eyes exactly how I analyze these deals.  The price is truly a bargain at $239.00.

Not only that, but you are having "me" there, right by your side so to speak, telling you if this should be a property you should pursue further or walk away from. Also, and I think this is a biggie, I can help you avoid the costly mistake of buying the wrong apartment property OR falling victim to an owner or broker padding the numbers.

Now is all this worth a measly $239.00?

If you are serious about real estate investments this should be a no brainer for you. If you think the price is too high then you should really give some thought to how serious you are about the commercial real estate investment business or improving your wealth by using apartment and commercial property investments.

Since it is software it can be downloaded right to your computer and used right away.

Before you invest in the next deal make sure you use this software along with this exclusive video series. The investment will pay for itself over and over again!

Darin Garman

P.S. This mistake breaker software is ready for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.  So no waiting to get the DVD's and CD's in the mail...For something you will use over and over again and have available this is a no brainer!




  • Released : 2016-12-02
  • Publisher : Darin R. Garman
Darin Garman is a former bank owner, board of director member and known as “The Paranoid Banker” because of his investing philosophy. Darin also has over 25 years in handling over half a billion dollars in investment real estate transactions, manages multiple real estate partnerships that include hundreds of investors from all over the US and outside the US. Darin Garman is currently manager of Heartland Investment Partners (HIP). Darin started Heartland Investment Partners because of continually being approached by investors asking for ways to invest, conservatively, in great investment real estate properties while being passive and not wanting to deal with any day to day property management or even deal with management companies for that matter. Heartland Investment Partners’ years of knowledge and experience provides a way for conservative investors seeking higher yields and diversification in their investment portfolios to invest right along with the Paranoid Banker in high quality real estate investment focused in Heartland of America.