Darin R. Garman
Paranoid Investor An Investment Trilogy Describing Alternative Investments For The Paranoid Investor EBOOK


Over the last 25 plus years Darin Garman has seen a lot when it comes to investing and has documented for investors unconventional yet profitable ways for to earn significant returns and income from their investments using smart real estate investments.

As a former bank owner and board of director member as well as a manager and part owner of over $40,000,000 in investment real estate properties and partnerships Darin, or as some call him “The Paranoid Banker” has seen about every type or kind of investment a person can participate in. Though many investments come and go from conventional investments in the financial markets to the most exotic investments Darin still comes back to one of the best wealth builders and diversification plays for investors: Good real estate!

As the U.S. economy, global financial markets and political landscapes continue to be unpredictable roller coaster rides investors are finding conventional investing emotionally and financially draining. Many conventional market based investments continue to be influenced by national and global events that in many cases have nothing to do with the investment frustrating investors even more.

Over the years Darin has written about real estate investing as one of the last investments refuges for investors seeking a more predictable return, income and investment. From hands on investors or what Darin calls “Active Landlords” to the completely passive investor in apartments, shopping centers and other commercial properties Darin’s books over the years have been a guide for many investors that are tired of what the conventional markets offer by way of investment benefits.

Now in this book passive or active real estate investors can profit and get the kinds of investment returns and benefits they deserve as Darin brings his three most read and talked about books to you under one cover!



  • Released : 2016-08-02
  • Publisher : Darin Garman
Darin Garman is a former bank owner, board of director member and known as “The Paranoid Banker” because of his investing philosophy. Darin also has over 25 years in handling over half a billion dollars in investment real estate transactions, manages multiple real estate partnerships that include hundreds of investors from all over the US and outside the US. Darin Garman is currently manager of Heartland Investment Partners (HIP). Darin started Heartland Investment Partners because of continually being approached by investors asking for ways to invest, conservatively, in great investment real estate properties while being passive and not wanting to deal with any day to day property management or even deal with management companies for that matter. Heartland Investment Partners’ years of knowledge and experience provides a way for conservative investors seeking higher yields and diversification in their investment portfolios to invest right along with the Paranoid Banker in high quality real estate investment focused in Heartland of America.