Darin R. Garman
Turning Pro Book And Turning Pro Tool Kit.


Turning PRO As A Real Estate Investor

Now You Can Become a Professional Apartment and Commercial Property Investor

Create A Booming Real Estate Business and This Book and Tools Will Show You How!

There is nothing more exciting than having a profitable and predictable apartment and commercial property investment business in place.

Finally!  This book AND THE ACCOMPANYING TOOL KIT can give you what is as close to an actual template for running a successful apartment investment business, from top to bottom.  There is nowhere else where you would be able to find this kind of real world wealth building material from someone that is actually doing this in his own business on a day to day basis, willing to lay it all out for you in 1, 2, 3 step format and no sales, marketing, real estate or financial experience is required.

Plus there is no licensing required either.   

This is the first time (that I am aware of anyway) that for the price of a good book you get ready-to-go apartment and investment real estate information and tools that you can start applying right away.  Those that are serious about this could be up to speed and on their first (or next) property in a matter of weeks. 

Bottom line is this book and tools to use combination will give you an unprecedented jump start on becoming a professional real estate investor.  Everything is there for you to use for your first purchase or your current properties. All in easy to read and implement form and all of the same tools that I use in my business every day.

Folks close to me on this think I am crazy for offering the information in my turning PRO book (and even the important TOOLS to use too) vs. a $10,000 seminar or course.  I understand but I want to make sure that anyone can have access to this and build the kind of real estate empire (small, large, one property, several properties) they want without a huge investment first.

In addition to the book the TOOLS INCLUDE:

1.  Turning Pro Purchase Agreement Template.

2.  Rental Application Template.

3.  Apartment Investment Critique Forms. (3)

4.  Apartment Lease Agreement Template.

5.  Commercial Property Lease Agreement Template.

6.  Letter of Intent (to purchase investment property) template.

Great tools for the PRO to use and to have on hand.  And this is ALL in addition to the book.  

These resources will easily pay for themselves many times over!

If you are anywhere serious about making investment real estate a major wealth building part of your life or even becoming a professional real estate investor I'd be racing to fill out the order form and get this book in your hands.  – Racing!


**Disclaimer:  All of the tools in this product is what I have used successfully in my business for many years, however, it is not warranted or guaranteed to be an exact fit in your market.  The tools should be used as resources only and as always you should run these tools by a competent real estate attorney before you use them to make sure you are complying with the real estate laws in the specific market in which you are purchasing/leasing real estate.  It is the purchasers responsibility to make sure these tools are within the correct legal parameters of your real estate market and takes no responsibility for the misuse of this material.   





  • Released : 0000-11-30
  • Publisher : Darin Garman
Over the last 25 plus years Darin Garman has seen a lot when it comes to apartment and commercial real estate investing and has documented for investors that want to turn “PRO” profitable ways to earn significant returns and income from their commercial property purchases using state of the art information, systems and strategies.   As a former bank owner and board of director member as well as a manager and part owner of over $40,000,000 in investment real estate properties and partnerships Darin, or as some call him “The Paranoid Banker” has seen about every type or kind of investment a person can participate in. Though many apartments and commercial investment properties come and go Darin still comes back to the strategies and systems that have served him best and that is what you will find in this book!   As the U.S. economy, global financial markets and political landscapes continue to be unpredictable roller coaster rides investors are finding conventional investing emotionally and financially draining. Many conventional market based investments continue to be influenced by national and global events that in many cases have nothing to do with the investment frustrating investors even more.   Over the years Darin has written about apartment and commercial real estate investing as one of the last investment refuges for investors seeking a more predictable return, income and investment. Turning “PRO” as an apartment and commercial investment real estate owner and investor is not only smart in today’s economic and political landscape but in many cases one of the few ways to grow and protect your income and wealth more predictably and profitably. Over the years Darin has been a guide for many investors that were tired of what the conventional markets offer by way of investment benefits and finally decided they want to turn “PRO” in commercial investment real estate investing and ownership.   Now in this easy to read and understand book, along with the fantastic tools that can be immediately implemented, passive or active real estate investors can profit and get the kinds of investment returns and benefits they deserve as Darin brings his best apartment and commercial real estate investment analysis, systems and methods!